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What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a technique that moves fat from one part of your body to another.  Specifically, it deposits many small droplets of fat across a given area, with the hope that blood vessels will quickly grow into those fat droplets from the surrounding healthy tissue, thereby allowing them to “take root,” and ultimately stay there long-term. The fat can be collected in multiple ways, but far and away the most common way to do so is by performing liposuction at the donor area.  A small incision (about one-quarter of an inch) is made, and then the liposuction cannula, which is […]

How Do You Treat Lymphedema In The Legs

After your lymph nodes have been damaged or removed, you may experience swelling in your legs called lymphedema. All around your body, remote nodes called lymph nodes resemble beans. They aid in the removal of fluid from various bodily parts. If the fluid cannot be expelled, the tissue starts to expand. The lymph nodes close to your pelvic are removed during surgery to eradicate any leftover malignancy. Your legs might develop lymphedema as a result of this. Additionally, your risk is increased if you have undergone radiation treatment or had your groin’s lymph nodes removed. If only your pelvic lymph nodes […]

What Are Lymphedema And His Treatment

Lymphedema is when lymph fluid builds up in the fat cells under your skin. This buildup could lead to swelling and pain. It usually happens in the arms or legs but can also occur in the face, neck, trunk, abdomen, or genitals. It’s important to know that lymphedema can sometimes get very bad and cause serious problems. It’s also often a long-term or chronic condition. This is why it’s essential to treat it early and carefully so that symptoms get better and it doesn’t get worse. What causes lymphedema? Lymphedema can happen when there is damage to the lymph system, which stops lymph […]

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