The Benefits Of Breast Reconstruction For Women After Cancer

By Peter Henderson, MD

The breasts are an essential part of a woman’s sense of self, and receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event. After undergoing treatment for breast cancer, many women choose to get breast reconstruction because it helps them regain their mental and physical balance.

Diagram showing breast reconstruction after surgery

It is essential for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer to seek the advice of a reconstructive plastic surgeon as soon as possible after receiving her diagnosis. It is crucial for every woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer to be educated about her reconstructive alternatives for her to be able to make an informed decision. Decisions that are made early on in the treatment plan may have an effect on the outcomes of the reconstructive work.

To get the best possible results, whenever possible breast reconstruction should occur at the same time as the mastectomy. However, in some circumstances, such as those involving personal or medical concerns, the rebuilding procedure is postponed until later. It is essential to consult with your reconstructive surgeon at the earliest feasible stage to formulate the most effective strategy for your health. After breast reconstruction, a balancing operation can be performed as part of the reconstructive surgical strategy to restore symmetry. To attain a more entire and balanced look, this may include breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, or fat transfer from one breast to the other using a fat grafting technique.

Some other benefits

Following treatment for breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery may be a beneficial step to take for several reasons, including the following:

Restores a sense of harmony and proportion to a woman’s physical form.

A woman who has had a mastectomy may have the perception that her body no longer has the same proportions or the same feminine form. Breast reconstruction has the potential to restore that sense of balance to her look, allowing her to once again feel more confident in her choice of apparel and bathing suits.

Rebuilds a woman’s feeling of self-esteem and confidence in her own abilities.

Loss of breasts may have a direct and adverse effect on a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem since the breasts are an essential component of a woman’s femininity. Breast reconstruction helps a woman regain her self-confidence and get her life back on track after breast cancer treatment by giving her back the breasts she had before the disease.

Provides a wide range of solutions that may be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual lady.

Regarding breast reconstruction, today’s patients have a wide variety of alternatives, including when they want surgery and how it will be done. Because there are now more possibilities, plastic surgeons can adapt these treatments to the particular requirements and outcomes that each unique patient wants. When it comes to women, having the option to personalize the therapy assures them that they will receive the results they want on their own terms.

Provides spectacular and lasting effects

Breast reconstruction surgery may be performed using the patient’s tissue or synthetic implants; the results are natural and can restore a woman’s confidence in her looks. These operations also give effects that are long-lasting and even permanent for the majority of women, which eliminates the need for subsequent further surgery.

Prostheses can be cumbersome

Patients who choose to have prostheses implanted often report that they are cumbersome and challenging to conceal undergarments. Additionally, prostheses may need to be replaced regularly. Breast reconstruction may be an option for you to consider as a permanent solution to restoring your breasts to a more natural form and size.

You don’t have to live with jagged, indented scars

Over the last decade, advancements in breast reconstruction surgery have a significantly improved look. These improvements include reducing the number of indentations and the appearance of scars.

You can pick an option that fits your lifestyle

You and your surgeon can work together to make a treatment plan that fits your needs. For example, breast reconstruction can be done in one long surgery or in several shorter ones that are less invasive. You can also choose to use your own tissue from your belly, thighs, buttocks, or back to rebuild your breast. You can also choose to have reconstruction with saline or silicone implants.

Doctor talking to a patient

Covered by insurance

Patients who have surgery often worry most about how much it will cost. It doesn’t have to be if you’re getting your breasts fixed after having breast cancer. Federal law says medical insurance must cover breast reconstruction and other benefits after a mastectomy.

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