Breast Lift: How It Is Performed, And What To Expect After It Is Done

By Peter Henderson, MD

Because of aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations, breasts can often lose suppleness, and droop. Surgery to raise, contour, and tighten the breasts is known as “mastopexy” (which is commonly known as breast lift). Additionally, it can eliminate asymmetry and other flaws. Breast augmentation or reduction may be paired with a breast lift.

Diagram showing breast lift procedure steps

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to alter the size and form of your breasts. An expert in plastic surgery can:

Why do individuals get breast augmentation surgery?

Our breasts alter as we age. Your breasts might stretch, sag, or droop due to them losing their suppleness. Some causes are:

Your breasts may seem younger and firmer after mastopexy. A breast lift can also eliminate perceived flaws like:

Downward-pointing areolas.

Breasts that are uneven or unequal.

Will having a breast lift alter the size of my breasts?

Woman showing her lifted breasts

Your breast size won’t alter due to a breast lift alone. But the treatment is frequently coupled with other procedures to make them bigger or smaller. Think about getting breast augmentation if you desire larger breasts (implants). Consider breast reduction if you desire smaller breasts.

What is the price of a breast lift?

The costs of cosmetic surgery are typically not covered by insurance companies. Inquire about particular expenses with your insurance company and your doctor.

What occurs before a breast lift procedure?

You will visit with your plastic surgeon before the mastopexy. You and the surgeon will speak about:

What occurs following breast lift surgery?

Surgery lines around breasts

Most mastopexy patients return home the same day. The first night, you should have someone accompany you and drive you home.

A tiny tube to drain fluid and stop swelling will often be placed close to one or more incisions (if so, this will be removed within the first week).

You will get personalized recovery instructions from your surgical team.

What dangers or issues might arise from a breast lift procedure?

Being a surgical operation, a breast lift has risks and potential side effects, such as:

How does recovery after a breast lift go?

You may have discomfort, edema, and bruising following a breast lift. Your skin may feel a little bit tight at first. These often quickly improve over time, and within 2-3 weeks most women have resumed all normal activities, and feel like themselves again!

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